ezPalette screenshot

ezPalette is a creativity tool for making collages to be used for ideation and market research. We built ezPalette as a web application incorporating several technologies such as JavaScript, Flash, PHP, and others. The site included a subscription payment system and interactive drawing application,

BrookDale Family Space

Brookdale Family Space screenshot

We were approached by a creative agency to develop a prototype site that could demonstrate key concepts and functionality live for their client.

This site was created mainly using PHP, MySQL and JavaScript on the back-end to give the customer that dynamic feel and usability they needed.

Sotylize: Arbor Pharmaceuticals

Arbor:Sotylize screenshot

Sotylize website is a “brochure” site for Arbor Pharmaceuticals, LLC. This is one of many such sites we created for Arbor.

The site was constructed from bootstrap and employs PHP, CSS, Javascript for the most part. There is a simple database for managing product coupons.

Premium Hot Sauce

Premium Hot Sauce screenshot

Premiumhotsauce.com is a community site for hot sauce lovers to discuss and share about all things peppers. The primary purpose of the site is to provide a platform for users to share their favorite hot sauce brands and recipes.

The site incorporates many technologies to facilitate blogging, community news forums, ranking and scoring, and more.

The site was built using Drupal CMS and a rather complex array of modules and customized theme.